Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Whoa! It's been more than a month! Ach, I can hear the crickets...cricketing. But I just had to post a comment, a thought, regarding a BBC article about the Red Lake school shooting:
Weise first used a .22-calibre weapon to kill his grandfather, veteran police sergeant Daryl Lussier and his companion Michelle Sigana, at their home on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, FBI special agent Michael Tadman told reporters.

He then stole his grandfather's police gunbelt and bullet-proof vest, and at least another two weapons - a handgun and a shotgun - before driving to the school in his grandfather's police car.

I guess that means that cops shouldn't have handguns. <-- this is sarcastic! I really am (and this is not sarcastic) sad that those children were killed, and I am sad that neither I nor James were there. I've been going through Anti-terrorism/Force-protection ("AT/FP") training on the ship, and it makes me wonder if we need to start some kind of program for the school. Or maybe someone needs to stand watch. I would.