Sunday, February 06, 2005

More Excuses For Not Blogging

Looks like I won't be regularly blogging for a while -- I'm moving, see, and I have to pack up all my stuff.

Ever notice how you figure, "I should be okay with x boxes", and then it turns out you need at least 2x boxes?

I bought a shredder. That might help. So far, the clothes boxes outnumber the book boxes, but I figure that's only because clothes tend to be more bulky than books.

Anyway, James linked to a neat website yesterday, The Oops List, and I noticed that they had some pictures of the USS San Francisco. That's the sub that ran into an underwater mountain going at about 40 knots recently.

Pic 1
Pic 2

That is some impressive damage. KUAM 8 News had a nice article about MM2(SW) Joseph Allen Ashley, who died due to head injuries.

In unrelated news, we got our new cammies and will start wearing them tomorrow. Gotta go shine my new boots now.

A pity I couldn't wear 'em last week -- we went into the sonar dome on the McFaul to x-ray it, and it would have been a GREAT stress-test of the new uniforms to wear them. It's very wet and dirty down there. I'll have pictures as soon as I can find the computer cabling for my camera.